China's "cough elixir" sells well in the United States for more than 400 yuan. 1 bottle. Doctor: Take it with caution

Release time:2018-02-28

Recently, the US flu was rampant, and the "Kyoto Nianchian Chuanbei Loquat Cream", which was labeled as the "herbal dietary supplement" of the US online shopping platform, became popular in the US because of its successful cough relief. On Amazon's US website, some people even peddle this "mysterious oriental liquid" at a price several times higher than that of physical stores.
Recently, a cough cream that is familiar to Chinese people has become unexpectedly popular in the United States.



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The price of Chuanbei loquat cream (300ml) in Nianchi Temple, Kyoto, is less than 50 yuan in domestic pharmacies, but only 7 dollars (about 44 yuan) in American Chinatown pharmacies. However, on Amazon's website, the highest selling price at present is $85 (about 535 yuan) for three bottles.



Ching Weh Chen, the owner of a shop in the Chinese Market in New York City, said in an interview with the American media, "The Chinese have known (Chuanbei loquat cream) for a long time, which can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty, but now it is all foreigners who ask about it."
According to the Wall Street Journal, the faithful fans of Chuanbei loquat cream in the United States include university professors, Hollywood stars, etc.
However, the popularity of the honey refined Chuanbei loquat cream in the United States in the Kyoto Nianzi Temple has surprised a company listed in Hong Kong.
The share price of Jinhuo Pharmaceutical (01110, HK), the exclusive agent of this loquat cream, rose 55% in the afternoon on the 26th, and finally closed at a 25% rise.
According to the 2017 semi annual report of Jinhuo Pharmaceutical, Nianchi'an loquat ointment accounted for 42.6% of the total sales in the half year ended June 2017.
According to the information released in the company's roadshow in 2016, this proportion even reached 70% in 2014. Later, because the company was worried about excessive dependence on a single product of the Nianchi Nunnery series, it took the initiative to adjust the agency structure, and then it fell to the level of about 40%.


Nianzi Nunnery products are sold at a high price in the United States


According to the Wall Street Journal, Alex, a professor and architect, said in an interview that he had been seriously ill for a week and a half and kept coughing until his girlfriend gave her a bottle of "Kyoto Nianzi Temple Chuanbei Loquat Cream", and his cough immediately improved.
He said, "I have tried it with almost five people, but I have mentioned it to more people." Alex's girlfriend Oberon knew this herbal supplement when she lived in Hong Kong about 30 years ago.
After Alex's "demonstration", Chuanbei loquat cream quickly became popular in New York.
Nianzi'an loquat cream (300ml) is sold at 49.8 yuan in domestic drug stores and only $7 in New York's Chinatown stores.
And after this "cough elixir" became a popular online product, the price on Amazon's US website also rose.



On Amazon's website, the "Amazon Selected Series" with the largest sales volume sold this product for $12.99 (equivalent to about 82 yuan), and the premium is still within the "reasonable range".
However, some sellers with small turnover also try to take advantage of information inequality to "fish in troubled waters".
Previously, the highest price of a bottle of the same product was nearly $65 (about 410 yuan), and some people sold 150ml Chuanbei loquat cream in smaller bottles at a price as high as $67 (about 88 Singapore dollars), but it seems that no one is interested because of the high price.


American doctors remind: take it with caution


According to China Press, the Nianchi Nunnery in Kyoto originated in the Qing Dynasty and was founded by the county Zaiyangjin. According to the medicine leaflet of loquat ointment, Yang Jin's mother was very old and sick, and she coughed for a long time and accumulated phlegm. So Yang Jin asked Ye Tianshi, a famous doctor in the Qing Dynasty, for a prescription of loquat ointment. She refined the cream according to the prescription. Her mother recovered after taking the medicine. Later, the prescription spread for nearly 200 years.
After the descendants of the Yang family moved to Hong Kong, they entrusted the shop number and prescription of the "Nianzi Nunnery" to Xie Zhaobang, a Hong Kong native. The latter established the "Kyoto Nianzi Nunnery General Factory Co., Ltd." in 1946, and has sold loquat cream to dozens of markets around the world.



However, this delicious "health food" is actually a nationally certified over-the-counter drug, and consumers should take it with caution.
Xiao Bian found on the website of the State Food and Drug Administration that this loquat ointment belongs to the Chinese patent medicine in the third batch of over-the-counter drugs. According to the provisions of the Drug Trade License, it is only allowed to retail in "social pharmacies and medical institutions pharmacies equipped with licensed pharmacists or technicians above the pharmacist level", and "must be purchased and used in pharmacies under the guidance of licensed pharmacists or pharmacists".
American doctor Keith warned that taking herbal supplements similar to Chuanbei Loquat Cream may bring health risks, especially when it is taken together with other drugs, too much or without medical advice.
The US Food and Drug Administration also recommends that consumers consult their doctors before taking supplements, and pay attention to whether the products are exaggerated.
Keith also believes that if you have flu, you should receive treatment as soon as possible. If you take herbal medicine first, it will delay the opportunity for treatment. Especially if the patient has other problems, the risk of hospitalization or even death may be increased due to the flu virus. Howard, the health commissioner of New York State, urged everyone to take the flu vaccine and said that if anyone has flu symptoms, he should see a doctor.


Agent's share price soared


A butterfly in the subtropical rain forest flapped its wings and two weeks later caused a hurricane in the United States. This classic analogy has been proved in the Hong Kong stock market.
Jinhuo Pharmaceutical, with a total market value of less than 1 billion yuan, is actually not very impressive among pharmaceutical enterprises. This company has represented Mansuleidon, Japanese brand Jiuxin Pill, Jinhuo Yima Dazheng Safflower Oil and other products, but Kyoto Nianzi Temple series products are its largest source of income.
Influenced by the popularity of its agent products in the United States, Kingwood Pharmaceutical, whose share price had been low for some time before, suddenly soared on the 26th.
At the opening of the market on the 26th, Kingwood Pharmaceutical jumped to HK $1.5, and then its share price rose to HK $1.8, up 55%. Although the share price subsequently fell to a certain extent, Whole Day Jinhuo Pharmaceutical still rose by 25%, and the turnover also increased to 40.37 million Hong Kong dollars.



In the Hong Kong stock market on the 26th, Kingwood Pharmaceutical ranked the fourth with a 25% increase.
It is worth noting that, because of its small market value and the previous poor trend, Kingwood Pharmaceutical has been largely forgotten by the analysis institutions. According to WIND information, the latest research report of Kingwood Pharmaceutical dates back to September 2016.

key word: China's "cough elixir" sells well in the United States for more than 400 yuan. 1 bottle. Doctor: Take it with caution

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