Buy pork lungs in large quantities

Release time:2022-09-26

Our company has been producing heparin sodium for a long time and needs a large number of pig lungs as raw materials, so now we are looking for a large number of pig lungs. If you have any supply, please contact us.
Heparin sodium tube sealing injection can prevent blood coagulation in blood collection vessels, keep instruments unblocked in medical operations, and can also be used to treat some diseases. 1. It is used to test the anticoagulation of blood samples collected. Under normal circumstances, blood coagulation occurs when human blood flows out of the body due to the activation of the coagulation pathway. However, in the process of blood sample collection, if blood coagulation occurs, it cannot be detected. If heparin sodium is pretreated in the blood collection vessel, the blood in the blood collection vessel will not coagulate for a period of time, which is convenient for testing various items. 2. Keep the equipment unobstructed. In many medical operations, some special medical devices will contact the blood of the human body. Once the blood is inside the device or coagulates, the device will be blocked, causing its normal function to be unable to play. Therefore, heparin sodium is often used in the treatment of extracorporeal circulation or hemodialysis to ensure the patency of related instruments. 3. Treat diseases. Heparin sodium has a certain therapeutic effect on thrombosis, thrombotic disease, disseminated intravascular coagulation and other diseases

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